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Professional Testimony


With a background in Muscle Activation Techniques (a table based method), and understanding the importance of task specific function, I have been looking for a way to integrate the two. Lenny Parracino and Dr.Vince have used their diverse backgrounds to create the bridge. After attending their course I was able to implement the new thought process and techniques immediately with my clients. I can’t wait to go back for another class, but more importantly my clients can’t wait. Thanks guys.”

Fellow of Applied Functional Science
Injury Prevention Consultant

Just wanted to let you know that I am almost at my lunch break and I have used several of the techniques from this weekend to my hip, knee, low back and ankle pts… they all reported feeling the best they have thus far in PT and can significantly feel a change in tightness and pain. Thanks so much for these great tools.

See you soon Lenny

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Lenny & Vince, Thank YOU! I really enjoyed the classes. I’m inspired by your passion and the knowledge you bring to these workshops. I learned so much! It’s going take what I do to another level. I appreciate the time and energy you gave all of us. I look forward to coming back for more!


Lenny, you are an incredible leader, and your style of teaching is empowering. You have a way of detailing extremely complex tasks and making them much more understandable. What’s more is that you do this with patience and very little ego. I’d love to see your facility and see the process in action if I’m ever in LA.

Lenny, great job this weekend and already used some of the techniques on about 3 of my patients yesterday. Enjoyed the entire course.
Chip PT, ATC

Lenny, thanks again for a great course this past weekend! Getting lots of wonderful feedback as I expected of “course”… Hope you have a great week & can’t wait to get you lined up to come back… we will have to actually have dinner next time! Stay away from the big sharks! Thanks again, Lisa PT

Lenny, thank you for such a great experience at the FSTT course this past weekend. As a GIFT fellow and now facilitator, I feel I have made great strides in treating my clients. With that said I knew that understanding the area of soft tissue was the next area I needed to study to take yet another step forward.

This weekends course was the first step in that journey. Because of the time I have had the opportunity to hear you speak at GIFT, as well as in
private conversation, my expectations for the FSTT course were high. But I say with all sincerity that the course exceeded my expectations.

Many experts in a given subject often don’t have the ability to systematically share that information but your teaching skills are equally as
strong as your technical skills. Coupled with your willingness to share what you have learned is a powerful combination that creates a great learning experience.

I will be strongly recommending the FSTT to my fellow GIFT mates and as you know it is my hope to bring FSTT to Greenville to share with my
colleagues there as well.

On a personal note, Brandy is absolutely lovely. She has a wonderful warmth about her and was terrific assisting us with questions.



Lenny, thank you for inspiring me this week. The gift of teaching that you show is a blessing.

Michael ATC;M.Ed

Lenny, I just wanted to thank you for coming out and providing us with such an amazing learning experience last weekend. Having had the pleasure of learning with Gary, Dave and Doug a few years back in Boston, I knew the power of a Gray Institute educational experience. I’ll admit, I was skeptical when we had a “new to us” presenter coming for our education. My concerns were put at ease as soon as you began on Saturday morning. Lenny, you were awesome. Nothing says it more than the fact that not one person left at 4pm on Sunday when given the option to go home and be with their families. Everyone saw the value of absorbing every last bit of knowledge that you could provide. The thing I love about your, and Gary’s approach is that you provide a line of thinking… a thought

process…. not just a few techniques. Every PT in our company loved the course and we all feel empowered and are already implementing things we learned from you with great success. I thank you, we all thank you and our patients thank you. I am certain that our paths will cross again in the future because I will see to it.


Mike MPT

Aloha Lenny, just a quick note of sincere appreciation for the opportunity to listen to your enthusiastic passion and approach to this marvelous machine we refer to as the
human body.

Along with the space this body takes up called life! Your information was like a breath of fresh air in my all too stagnant private physical therapy practice/clinic. I had myself convinced that my next step would be retirement at the end of this 2011. Being 71 years of age I had myself convinced that I’ve been there ~ done that kind of thinking. I too share a passion for doing the right thing for the right reason at the right time. Who you are and what you are about let me know that I still have the passion ~ I needed to have it sparked. Thank you from the
bottom of my heart for sparking my enthusiasm for my chosen profession and my life. Flying home to Honolulu I realized that quietly I had given up on a lot. Retirement for me meant that I no longer needed to strive to be the best me. You turned on more than one light bulb for me and I am deeply grateful. Thank you for your suggestions to my assistant, Sky Gora at the end of Saturday. I believe she has more hope regarding her hip pain, as well as some new tools in her toolbox. You are an inspiration! I want you to know that you have added life to my remaining years and with the changes I plan to implement, added years to my life. Your two children are beautiful!!!!! A hui hou (until we meet again)
Gabrielle PT
Honolulu, Hawaii

This is a note to Lenny Parracino to thank him for sharing his expertise at The IDEA Convention. I took part in four of the Seminars he offered including the full day session Thursday. I learned so much as always, however this time I had a very new injury to my elbow
(misaligned 1 mlm & a radial fracture) Your information re enforced healing through functional movement and I have to say after
giving me the confidence and encouragement to do just that I was able to talk to my Dr. cancel surgery and go with functional movement for
now with an excellent Physical Therapist who also knows me and has faith in my knowledge to heal through movement as this is how I have
always conducted my life. thank you so much for sharing what you know! Anita

Lenny, I just wanted to thank you for being there and presented valuable information to me at the conference. I am very glad that you were able to take the time out of your busy schedule to teach about the hip complex. Kenneth

Wow Lenny, what a great opportunity it was for us to meet and hear you speak. You are one of the best. Thank you so much for being a part of the Evolution Event.. You were so great and we have heard wonderful things about your workshop. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to work together again in the future.. You were stellar!

Thanks again

Kathy and Kitty

Lenny and Brandi, thank you for the most amazing inspirational lectures, and your ebook about pain, that you gave me . You really have given me some amazing things to look forward to! I hope your stay in the uk was amazing. Regards,

Hi Lenny, just wanted to thank you for an amazing day. You have such a wealth of knowledge, and to be willing to share that is something that we all appreciate. Everyone I have spoken to so far was blown away by the day. Can you also please thank Brandi for us all. She was giving out great advice and help as she wondered around the beds, and it was lovely having her there! Maybe we can do this again the next time you are in the UK or Europe. Please let me know your schedule and perhaps in 6 months or a year we can do another one!

Many thanks again,