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Thank you, for your interest in my services. My work of over 30 years is a synthesis of techniques acquired from many different methods, but all share common unifying principles of human FUNCTION. The methods we apply address the many different needs clients bring, example but not limited to:

  • Treat aches and pains from current or past injuries
  • Resolve more complex structural/functional relationships
  • Improve better perception of current functional (movement) threshold

My work focuses on the individuality of one’s function and strategies to expand function with ease and efficiency. I find it utterly rewarding/humbling to assist or provide an environment for clients to become pain-free and/or to function better… what’s life without the ability to do the things you want to do!

Service Options:

1) Single Soft Tissue Integration Session – $150
2) Soft Tissue Management Package of 10 – $1,300 (save $200)

What to Expect from a Session

Before working together, you will fill out a detailed health history. This will be reviewed prior to your appointment and set the foundation for the first session. Together, in your session, we will discuss your goals and desires, progress to a dynamic functional assessment, and then provide treatment of the soft tissue complex. Please bring clothing appropriate for moving and treatment (women – shorts, sports bra / men – shorts, we will provide if you forget). As an important part of your session, we will always conclude a session with functional movement and a movement prescription that is easy to do at home/work that compliments the session. This critical piece creates integration between you and the therapist, saves you the time of unnecessary sessions, and most importantly provides a continuum of care. We have a saying in science “NO biological tissue responds permanently to a single treatment.” You must continuously stimulate (not aggravate) the tissue complex for lasting changes – a principle of adaption – just physics not philosophy.

For any further details, questions, please feel free to contact me directly at no charge.

Lenny Parracino, CMT, FAFS
Phone or Text: 805.404.1066
EM: lparracino@gmail.com

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