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Client Testimony

Let me simply share that I am deeply grateful for you and your kindness with me. When I first came in to see you, my primary goal was to get to pre-surgical strength and use in my right leg. The plan had been to maximize the right, so I could replace the left. Irony reigns, as the left knee has historically been the most limiting and painful of the two. It was the one slated for the first joint replacement.

You see, Lenny, for 8 years now total joint has been the only option or solution proposed to me by 3 orthos and 1 sports med guy. The PTs always concurred. I resisted it until the right knee inflamed with protest; I gave in when using a pull buoy (because my knee hurt so much) for swimming had become a norm.

All I wanted was to walk and swim without pain and with as little limitation as was possible.

I don’t know if I can achieve that, but when you told me to just turn my foot in on declines, a tiny adjustment, you gave me an access that I lost quite awhile ago.What you have given me is hope. I truly don’t want another knee surgery, so I am now thinking that if you can help me to reduce the prohibitions in my left knee, then maybe I can experience living with knee surgery as a distant possibility, rather than a ticking clock inevitability.Thank you again and I will practice with diligence. – Diane

Just wanted to pass along an update since it’s been a while since I came to see you about some knee pain I had. You advised me to work on achieving balance in my hip flexibility and adding arch supports in my shoes. I did both and I spent most of last year (’09) sticking with shorter runs (10k’s, 1/2 marathons) until the fall when I decided to sign up for the Catalina Marathon. I continued with both pieces of advice you gave me, knowing the added mileage was going to put quitea bit of stress on my body and I could end up hurt again if I didn’t ‘do the work’.Catalina is this Saturday, I ran the Pasadena Marathon (my first full) a few weeks ago as a long training run, and I’ve been completely pain free during my whole marathon training program (16+weeks). I haven’t had a single recurrence of the knee pain and the only obstacle I had was a tight calf which healed after 3 days of rest. In short, I stayed completely injury free while running 5X a week and hitting weeks of 40-45 miles consistently.Thanks for your help a while back, it was instrumental in getting me to where I am. Here’s to life,- Roberto

I won the championship for my age division. As a matter of fact, I was the 4th fastest woman of the day beat by two women 2 age divisions below me and one woman 3 age divisions below me. Thank you for helping me win!!! I still can’t believe I could not walk on Wednesday and then won the State Championships 3 days later. I do have your black and blue thumb prints up my right side as anautograph! – Lauren

You have done it again—repaired my broken body to full function! With that final lization/distraction I was out of pain and moving freely. THANKS! Damn, I felt so got that afternoon I did some yard work and a Rope/KB workout and slept like a baby. I’m a bit sore today, mostly in the left glute, but moving fine. We know exactly what I need after a month a grinding andcompressing the hip joint. Have a great month, see you when you get back from teaching. – Vince

I just wanted to thank you for the introduction to Lenny. He is everything you said, and has been a wonderful influence on my efforts to become fitter / safer / happier. My medical background and own obsessiveness helps me to understand many of the overall concepts of your philosophy. However, I can’t help but feel that I and especially countless others would learn more if you and Lenny collaborated on a book ( ? maybe an ibook for the iPad with supplemental videos) that relayedyour philosophy in terms and structure that would allow the greater lay public to appreciate the benefits of integrated movement routines to their overall strength / flexibility / endurance , especially as compared to the status quo of endless faceless gyms with rows of strength and cardio machines and cookbook fitness programs.No matter what, thank you again for providing me with such an extraordinary therapist and influence on my health. Best regards, – Barry, MD

Just had to let you know, you did it again – another happy convert! Bob thinks you are so impressive and thanked me profusely (not normally his style ) for nudging him to meet with you – guess he’ll be following up with you in a couple weeks so you can measure his progress….. thanks for all you do! – KimThe range of motion I have gained thru the work, advice, and exercises I received from your staff has made my life more functional. thank you – Grace