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Client Services

Thank you for your interest in my services. My life’s work is helping individuals feel better moving in their body. I help my client’s achieve this result with an integrative whole body, whole person approach of manual movement therapy. I enjoy working with clients with a variety of goals and needs, such as the following….

  • Reducing chronic pain, tension, and stress
  • Taking preventative measures to improve posture and movement
  • Improving sport and movement performance improvement
  • Improve flexibility and ease of movement
  • Increasing energy and vitality
  • Improving balance
  • Enhancing body awareness
  • Looking and feeling younger
  • Expanding your sense of well being

I focus on the individuality of each client… her/his unique movement history, current functional threshold, and future movement desires. We work as a team, with a goal of the client understanding more about how her/his body functions each and every session. The more you understand about your body, the more confident and better able you are in making decisions about how you want to treat it. It’s not about being fixed by someone else, but giving you the tools to help yourself.

Service Options:

1) Soft Tissue Integration Sessions – 60 minutes – $125
2) Soft Tissue Management Package of 10 sessions – $1050 (save $200)


What to Expect from a Session

Before working together, you will fill out a detailed health/movement history. This will be reviewed prior to your appointment and set the foundation for the first session. Together, in your first session, we will review and clarify key points of your history, discuss your goals and desires, progress to a dynamic functional assessment, and then provide treatment of the soft tissue complex. Please bring clothing appropriate for moving and treatment (women – shorts, sports bra / men – shorts, we will provide if you forget). As an important part of your session, we will always conclude with a functional movement “take home”. This easy to do at home/work movement is a critical component for your success as it creates integration between sessions, reinforces work done in session, progresses you to your goals more efficiently, and helps you create new habits to keep the desired changes you achieve.

For any further details, questions, please feel free to contact me directly at no charge.

Brandi Marshall, FAFS
Phone or Text: 805.813.0632
Email: brandimarshallsi@gmail.com

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